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It is rightly said that “home is where your heart is” and we want our hearts to be healthy not only from the outside but also from the inside. The environment in our homes has the potential to affect our health and wellbeing. Therefore, providing you with healthy and green homes through energy efficiency and cleanliness is the mission of the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative.

Today, we will learn a few ways to accomplish healthy and green homes through the DIY method.

Eco Friendly DIY Earth home remedies

10 DIY Home Remedies

1. Pest Control:

Pests not only spoil our food but also impose a serious health hazard in one’s house causing various diseases and respiratory infections. Therefore, it is essential to apply methods to prevent them in your home to protect your family’s health. Here are some DIY pest control ideas for your home and garden.

2. DIY All-Purpose Cleaner:

Have you ever walked through a perfume section or a paint shop and started feeling nauseated or light-headed? I feel it every time because of inhaling a load of chemicals at a time. When these products are so toxic that they make you fall sick then why use them in your home. They can harm your body over time. We cannot completely get rid of them but at least try to minimize the exposure. Here is a list of non-toxic all-purpose cleaners you can make at home which will clean your home positively.

3. Fabric Tissues :

Switch the tissues with fabric tissues that are reusable and don’t become part of the litter. They clean all the surfaces properly and washed once they collect all the dirt. Here is a beautiful DIY to make a fabric tissue. The best part is that you can customize the design and size of the tissues.

4. DIY Beeswax Candles:

Candles are the perfect mood setter or a celebration enhancer. They light up any celebrations. But do you know the toxins released when you burn a candle are the same found in diesel fumes and you smell them directly into your lungs which infect your respiratory system causing various diseases? Remember whenever you buy a candle, look for a beeswax candle or make one on your own where you can make it with 100% beeswax. Follow the instructions for a beautiful eco-friendly candle.

5. Reusable Dish Scrubber:

Scrubbers, which we use for washing our dishes, once torn off stay in the landfills or out in the ocean for years. So indirectly, they are contributing to the pollution. Here is a DIY reusable Dish Scrubber. It is biodegradable and can be reused for a longer period than a scrubber. It is very easy to make and cost-efficient. So, what about having different co; ours of scrubber?

6. Can Planters:

What do we do to a can or a bottle after we finish drinking a cold drink or juice? We throw them in the bin adding to the waste products. Why not make a planter from a can? Yes, I said it right. This way we can kill two birds with one stone. The can which was of no use will now contribute to a green and healthy environment. Here is the DIY to make cute planters.

7. Mold Removal DIY:

Mold can cause serious health issues including respiratory infections and difficulties in breathing. It can occur anywhere in the house where moisture is retained such as under the sinks, in the basement, walls with water pipelines. We can prevent the mold using regular vinegar. Just put the vinegar in the spray bottle and spray the areas down. Leave it overnight and spray again in the morning. After cleaning the area with a towel, dump the towel quickly in a sealed trash bag.

8. Energy-Efficient Windows:

“To thermodynamics, a window is a chink in the armor of your home” It allows heat to act in your home as it pleases. A study estimates that a single pane window allows 10times as much heat to escape as the compared same area of the insulated wall. (taken)So how to stop this loss so that we can conserve heat for winters and banish it in summers so to increase energy efficiency. Here is a DIY of a window screen that can help us save energy.

9. Radon Mitigation DIY:

Radon is a radioactive gas that forms naturally from the breakdown of metals in rocks, soil, and groundwater. People are exposed to radon mainly from breathing radon in air that comes from gaps and cracks in buildings or houses. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking so it is very important to get your home tested for it or to reduce radon emission through various means. One such DIY is here for radon mitigation. It is not easy to do but it’s worth the health of human beings.

10. Switching to Natural, Organic Skincare Product:

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and it immediately absorbs the product applied to it but it does not have a digestive system to flush out unhealthy products so you need to be careful about what you apply to your skin. It is better to switch to natural products because some products contain carcinogens and toxins and even prevent us from getting pregnant or can cause cancers. So, Here is a DIY for natural products. Use them and be beautiful naturally for a longer period.


So, these are the few ways to make your home healthy and green. Try out these DIYs at home and let me know whether you feel the environment change at your home or not. I am sure along with the environment you will also feel confident because you will be contributing to making your city clean and green. Below is a beautiful picture depicting the green environment, this is the transition we want to achieve.

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